Rosaline - BBW Goth

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j rizzle fo shizzle 10 years ago
Nasty ass yellow teeth. I like big girls but this bitch is grooooooossssss. Brush your teeth beeaaatch
Tommy 4 months ago
Nice shot from 12 mins onwards, she may not be the prettiest but she’s fuckable and ain’t too bad in that lingerie.
XXXGIRLXXX 10 years ago
most of you haten cause big girl can work a dick!
piihb 8 years ago
I bet she got one nasty ass.
man 12 years ago
she got some big tits
Dickweed 12 years ago
This bitch needs to brush those crooked yellow-ass teeth!!
damnn 12 years ago
she can suck a dick
silverwolf_of_dreams 13 years ago
Bring it on girl..great tits
Ill make sure her teeth turn w 6 years ago
I'd smash but ill brush her teeth while i'm at it. Everytime i stroke i brush them yellow shits.
Master chief 7 years ago
The bitchs teeth are yellow, but id still eat her out suck on her tits and asshole and give ber 500 creampies, dont know if id make out with her though