Today I wanted to try a double but my husband's cock is as big as a dildo and in the end I got 4 cocks

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ruby 8 months ago
Oh my! I would so wish my husband would use me like this. I would insist he trained me enough and opened me up enough to be able to take most of that magnificent dildo all the way inside me. It would be a most erotic thought having him watch me and help me ride that beautiful big dildo. Perhaps one in my vagina and one in my arse. I would be in heaven.
Robert 1 year ago
I want my wife to want that huge dildo that way
Nice lady 2 years ago
Mmm mmm looked nice n tight
6 months ago
You never really put it in or had a dp false advertisement
Eric Lyon 1 week ago
Weird ass doll's house in the background.
Anal lover 2 months ago
Around and saw my friends fathers fat cock on my ass and I reached back and spread my cheeks apart
He smiled and I said I want you to fuck me
He lubed his cock and then my asshole and started pushing his cock in me and I was in heaven
Anal lover 2 months ago
I had my best friends father ask me if I would be interested in fucking his wife in the ass and I said yes. He told me where they were staying at a hotel and had me come over. When I got there they had another couple and a young college student there too. The husband of the other couple was fucking my friends mother and sucking his father's cock. It was so hot. I stripped down and went over and joined them all. I was licking the other wife and I felt a cock rubbing on my ass. I turned a
9 months ago
10 months ago
He buttfucked her!
Matty 11 months ago
Hey that's Elmarie Anderson originally from Guam.